WFDF 2012 World Ultimate and Guts Championships

Sakai, Japan - July 4-14 2012


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Day 1 - Saturday July 7th

13:30 – Opening Ceremony

Day 2 - Sunday July 8th


12:30 - USA vs Colombia 17 - 9
16:30 - USA vs Canada LIVE 12 - 16


Day one of pool play - we began the morning facing off against Colombia, a team we had an opportunity to play against in November at PAUC. The Colombians are fast, young and a powerhouse in the making. The first half was marked by trading points between Colombia's uptempo offense and our long game. But the second half proved to be all FUSA as we finished strong 17-9. The day ended with the marquee matchup of the day - a battle of the North American teams. FUSA and Team Canada faced off at Solstice, with FUSA emerging on top, but today the Canadians bested us 16-12 after a dominate second half.

Looking forward to continue pool play and earning the right to play TC again!

Day 3 - Monday July 9th


09:00 - USA vs Great Britain 17 - 8
14:00 - USA vs Germany 17 - 5


Day two of pool play - yesterday it was the Americas, today it was Europe. Our first game was against Great Britain and after a close first half, we found our groove and finished strong 17-8. After a box lunch of mystery meat and rice, we took on Germany and ended the day on the right note 17-5. Tomorrow - Japan!

Day 4- Tuesday July 10th


09:00 - USA vs Japan 14 - 16
14:00 - USA vs Mexico 17 - 0


Best to start at the end. After three days of pool play, we are 4-2. The morning began against Japan and despite taking half, Japan capitolized on unforced errors to take the game 14-16. Then after a two round bye, we ended the day with a victory over Mexico. Bring on day 4.

Day 5 - Wednesday July 11th


09:00 - USA vs New Zealand 17 - 3
14:00 - USA vs Finland 17 - 0


Only one more day of pool play to go! Victories over New Zealand and Finland have set us up to earn a spot in semis! We'll face off against the Aussies in the morning and Singapore in the last round. Wins will likely set us up for the number three seed overall, with the big game of the day being the Canada/Japan matchup for the number one seed overall. Can't wait!

Day 6 - Thursday July 12th


09:00 - USA vs Australia 17 - 9
17:00 - USA vs Singapore 17 - 1


Semis bound! Tomorrow we'll match up against Team Canada in a rematch from the first day's showcase game. Winner will go onto the finals and loser will play for bronze. To qualify, we faced off against Australia and Singapore today. The wind picked up considerably today but our handling core proved to be up to the task. More wind and even rain in the forecast tomorrow. Gotta love elimination time!

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Day 7 - Friday July 13th


11:00 - Canada vs USA 10 - 17
12:00 - Japan vs Colombia 17 - 13


Finals! A 17-10 victory over Canada in the early semis has earned us the opportunity to face off against Japan in a live streamed game for the gold. You can watch at 6:30 pm PST on NextGen's website!

Day 8 - Saturday July 14th


10:30 Women Finals - Japan vs USA LIVE 17 - 13
12:45 Mix Finals - Canada vs Australia LIVE 17 - 9
15:00 Open Finals - Great Britain vs USA LIVE 5 - 17

Closing Ceremony

Over the years, Fury has been comprised of a diverse group of women, but everyone has shared a common goal: to excel at the sport we love, together.

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