THANK YOU to all our sponsors! We truly appreciate the support and are proud to wear your names on our jerseys, spreading the word about three amazing companies.

Discovering The World
2nd Nature
Fifty-Fifty Brewing Co.


Patagonia has been an awesome sponsor over the last several years, providing superior jerseys and warm-up gear and ensuring that we all travel in style. Not only does Patagonia produce wonderful products, but it does it while adhering to an environmentally conscious mission statement.

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In particular, we would like to thank Andy Bandit and George Plomarity, who continue to be simply wonderful to work with.

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Discovering The World

Since 1976, Discovering the World has been specializing in Disc Golf, Ultimate Frisbee products and services for the flying disc enthusiast. They provide the largest selection of professional and recreational flying disc products manufactured. Check out their website, www.dtworld.com, or visit their warehouse located in Southern California. Dan Mangone, the founder of Discovering the World, is a Frisbee enthusiast himself and has been a long-time supporter of the growth of our sport. We want to give him a huge thanks for sponsoring our team!

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2nd Nature

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Fifty-Fifty Brewing Co.

Fury's very own Alicia Barr is one of the co-founders and owners of Fifty Fifty Brewing Company, an excellent new brew-pub-restaurant in Truckee, CA. Serving a variety of tasty beers and food, Fifty Fifty is a favorite stop among the team on trips to Tahoe. We love the fare and appreciate the sponsorship support.

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Pizzaiolo Restaurant

Pizzaiolo is another restaurant sponsor of the team. Located conveniently in Oakland, Pizzaiolo combines creativity and locally grown, organic ingredients into a great menu that features the best wood-fired pizza in the Bay Area. Helping cover the team's jersey printing costs, the founder, Charlie Hallowell, continues to demonstrate his commitment to being a positive presence in the community.

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Over the years, Fury has been comprised of a diverse group of women, but everyone has shared a common goal: to excel at the sport we love, together.

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