Hello Family, Friends and Fans of Fury!

As many of you may already know, our winning performance at the USA Ultimate Club Championship allows us the chance to represent the USA at the WFDF 2012 World Ultimate and Guts Championships in Japan! The tournament will be held July 7-14. We are excited to showcase our talent, dedication and teamwork to the global ultimate community.

However, the monetary costs of attending this tournament are high. With the tournament fee, plane tickets and accommodation, we estimate the cost of bringing the team to Japan to be about $75,000. To help offset these costs, we have had some fundraising events in the works. We will been selling some awesome Fury and Bay Area ultimate gear, we are also in the process of planning a fundraising "Battle of the Bay" tournament, raffles as well as some women’s ultimate clinics, so stay tuned!

In addition to our fundraising efforts, any donations would be greatly appreciated! Whether large or small, any amount will help us get to Japan!

Thank you for your support!!

  • Golden Fist Sponsor: $5000+
  • Silver Fist Sponsor: $1500+
  • Bronze Fist Sponsor: $1000+
  • Fury Blue Sponsor: $500+
  • Fury Supporter
    Any donation, large or small, will be greatly appreciated!

fundraiser ideas

Annonymous Donation:
Send a check to:
Genevieve Laroche
345 Park Ave
San Jose, CA 95110
to let us know a check is on its way

Thank you for your generous donations!

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Bronze Fist Sponsors: Discovering The World

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Fury Supporters: Kristine Desmond, Jody Dozono, Donny, Nguyen Cao, Hertzberg/Kroskrity family, Andrey Gorlin, Branden Cahn, Christine Byon, Meredith Barrett, Cindy Wan, Kendra Kuhl, Steve Dakin, Alicia Barr, Amanda Dauphinee, Hertzberg/Stoughton family, Margaret Desmond, Christopher/Hertzberg family

Over the years, Fury has been comprised of a diverse group of women, but everyone has shared a common goal: to excel at the sport we love, together.

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